Art Crew:

Marley Smith

Emily Blim
Faye Oyang
Jody Bailet


Thomas Powers
Kiki Meiners-Rios
Alex Stone


Hunter Hanson
Tristan Arostegui


Maddie Ewbank
Khoa Truong
Roberto Drilea
Brianna Dorn
Bonnie Zhang


Joy Kim
Colleen Cassingham
Kiki Meiners-Rios


Dominique Teoh

Agnes Park
Matt Liebergall
Elodie Oliver


Arthur Gilchrist
Chris Pow
Elliot Kronsberg
Rachel Reizburg


Elenore Pan
Alex Stone

2016: Dead Tongues

Production Team:

Angela Cureton
David Gordon
Annie (Siying) Li
Agnes Park
Kiki Meiners-Rios
Melvin Butler
Lily Labovitz
Max Nelson
Scott Carmichael

The Story:​​

Based on the stories of H.P. Lovecraft, Dead Tongues is about a young woman named Stacy who, following the mysterious suicide of her ex-boyfriend, teams up with the ex's estranged twin brother to unearth the uncanny plot preceding her former lover's death. 

The Beneficiary:

Supplies for Dreams:

This year our proceeds will be benefiting Supplies for Dreams, a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization that provides Chicago Public Schools students with necessary resources and extra-curricular opportunities, ranging from basic school supplies to individual mentoring.

Supplies for Dreams has the power to drastically improve the educational experience of thousands of students. By improving the standard of education, students will be prepared to take on a rapidly advancing world upon completing their education. 

Donations raised:

We raised $4,269 for Dead Tongues! Thanks to everyone who donated; we can never thank you enough. Your support means everything to our organization and our film. We are working to have donations accepted year round. Look out for that update to help support the making of next year's film.

Cast and Crew:

Without the work of these fantastic hardworking people, this movie would not have been possible. There are so many more people who have helped us get to where we are now. To those people: you know who you are and on behalf of the entire Dead Tongues cast and crew, we thank you. This movie as as much yours as it is ours.


Phoebe Fox
Justin Dresner

Erin Reininga

Listen to the soundtrack for Dead Tongues online!